2014 Audition Ballet "Like a Prayer"

Miss Molly with some of our past and present dancers before the 2014 recital!

"Us" 2014

Level 6 Ballet at the 2014 Recital

Breanna and Tara performing their duet "Know That I'm With You" 2014

"Work" 2014

2014 Recital 

"Sunrise Sunset" 2014

"Heaven" 2013 Recital

Audition Ballet 2013

Ballet Dancers in our 2012 student recital






Miss Megan and Miss Katie leading our Styles (special needs) class. 

On our recent trip to New York City, Miss Molly studied with the Radio City Rockettes. Radio City Music Hall was amazing. It was hard to believe we were there. 

 The entrance hall to Radio City Music Hall was breathtaking.


This was the stage of Radio City Music Hall before Miss Molly was scheduled to dance on it.  It was so exciting to have Miss Molly dance on such a world famous stage. It was so exciting to watch her. On our second trip to New York City, Miss Molly got to perform on this stage. On our first trip there she performed at Madison Square Garden.

 Miss Molly entering Madison Square Garden in New York City to rehearse for her first Radio City Rockettes' performance there.

 Miss Molly striking a "Radio City Rockettes" pose on stage at MadisonSquare Garden in New York City. So exciting to be there.

Miss Molly performing her Radio City Rockettes' piece at Madison Square Garden in New York City on our first trip to New York City

Miss Molly performing her Radio City Rockettes' piece at Madison Square Garden in New York City on our first trip to New york City. 

 Miss Molly with her Rockette Choreographer and Rockette dancers. 

 While in New York City,  Miss Molly danced with the Radio City Rockettes, Stan couldn't resist dancing with them either. 

 Stan couldn't resist posing with a Rockette. 

 Hall mannequin in Radio City Music Hall. We fashioned our wooden soldiers in our "Winter Holiday" program after this costume.  

All our soldiers from our "Winter Holiday" in a nice neat row. 

 Because we have honored Michael Jackson and his music at our studio, we couldn't be in New York City without a stop at the Apollo Theater. Miss Molly and Miss Megan are pictured signing the wall outside the Apollo honoring Michael Jackson.

This is our youth Ballet class at our Blanchardville satellite studio.

Here are some of our Hip Hop dancers showing their moves at the Blanchardville Studio.